Pastel Daydream Metallic Set

Regular price $7.50

Hotline Hair Ties come in sets of three. 

  • Blue (1)
  • Mint (1)
  • Blush (1)

 Hair Ties have been the same for YEARS, and don't you think it's time they were updated to not only fit your needs better, but to also be comfortable and stylish? Hotline Hair Ties are all of that and more! They are super strong and will hold together the messiest of messy buns. Because of their coil design, they grip hair firmly without pulling, tearing or creasing your hair. 

While the elasticity of Hotline Hair Ties make it perfect for not only sitting comfortably over your wrist, but also stretching over the perfect messy bun, it also causes the tie to stretch after prolonged use. 

To shrink it back to normal - simply run your Hotline Hair Tie under hot water or place it into a bowl of hot water to cause the material to shrink to its original size.