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Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, you are all well aware that Christmas is just around the corner. Most of us fall in one of two categories; you are either in the group that has everyone checked off of their shopping list by Thanksgiving or you are in the group of those wondering aimlessly through the store to find the perfect gifts this weekend. I personally fall into the latter group. Every year I tell myself that I am going to do a better job next year, yet every year I fail to get a head start....and so here we are. Lucky for us all, I have a handful of items on hand that make great gifts and best of all - are under $20!

My favorite gift to give this year -- Hair Tie Bangle Bracelet only $12 These trendy accessories are the perfect gift for girls of all ages! We all walk around with hair ties on our wrist and there's nothing worse than having one cutting off your circulation, except for maybe when we are scrolling through pictures of some of our favorite memories and cringe at the sight of it ruining an otherwise perfect snapshot of an amazing night! With a hair tie bangle bracelet, your hair ties are cleverly disguised on this super handy fashion piece and no one will even notice it's a hair tie!!!

Staying in the category of jewelry, my second item to recommend are these amazing Handmade Leather Earrings -- $13 or 2 for $20! These just might be THE HOTTEST TREND in jewelry right now. They've blown up in popularity since Joanna Gaines started wearing them on her HGTV TV show Fixer Upper. The picture below shows just a few of the styles available but I have a lot more on the Leather Earring Post in the Facebook VIP Group.

It doesn't usually get cold in Texas, but we love to bundle up if we even think that it might. I know I never pass up an opportunity to wear my fall and winter fashion pieces. You can't possibly go wrong when gifting an adorable C.C. Beanie - $12 for the original style and $16 for the Messy Bun C.C. Beanie. There are so many colors to choose from and these look adorable on everyone! 

Like I said before, it doesn't get too cold here so some things we tend to wear as more of a fashion statement rather than a necessity; a scarf being one of those things. Give the gift of a gorgeous Infinity Scarf this Christmas for only $15. I absolutely love these and they are lightweight enough that they are wearable through our bipolar weather days. I have three colors in stock right now; red, mocha and camel

Then of course, if all else fails and you're just not sure what to buy for that certain someone - we just made it possible to buy GIFT CARDS from our website!! 

No matter what you choose to give this Holiday Season, the greatest gift you can give is your love and a heartfelt smile. If you don't do anything else, love those around you. Be gracious and kind. Make eye contact with those you encounter in public and share a warm smile. Each of us can make make the world a better place one meaningful moment at a time. Above everything, remember that HE is the reason for the season and we owe Him all of the Glory. 

May God Bless You All - Merry CHRISTmas!



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